Chess Parent 101

General Advice

“Getting Kids Started” by the Illinois Chess Association

“Chess Parent 101” – Learn from my mistakes and subsequent experience as a parent and coach in this 5 minute slide show.

“You Should Know This!” – This slide show will answer many of your questions in only 12 minutes. I tell you about a) Three Abnormal Chess Moves, b) Eight ways a game can end in a draw, c) What are the 3 kinds of BYES, d) How Swiss System pairings work, and, e) USCF General Info and USCF website.

Chess Tournaments

The Georgia Chess Association published a nice summary of Scholastic Chess Tournaments:

“Welcome to Tournament Chess!” – This quick slide show (7 minutes) makes sure you understand the basics of United States Chess Federation (USCF) tournaments. Subjects include: De-coding tournament format terminology, What is “Touch Move”?, chess clocks (timers), notation (recording moves), spectator policies, and determination of award winners.

Chess Master Kevin Bachler of Illinois contributed advice for parents of children who are relatively new to chess tournaments.    It is on the Illinois Chess Association website:

 Chess Parent FAQs

USCF published a short list of FAQs

New Mexico Chess compiled a large list of                                    Chess Parent’s most Frequently Asked Questions:

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